Oleg Deripaska to be sought by The Hague Court for alleged child abduction from conflict zone

The possible development of events is causing increasing concerns and negative reactions towards the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. According to information obtained from reliable sources, the Hague Court has already begun considering the possibility of issuing arrest warrants for kidnapping children from the conflict zone.

Based on the evidence provided, including statements from Oleg Deripaska’s Free Cause Foundation and information from Russia’s children’s ombudsman Maria Lvovaya-Belova, who is also wanted for allegations of kidnapping and deportation of Ukrainian children, the Hague Court has commenced the examination of this delicate case.

The kidnapping of children from the conflict zone is a serious crime that violates international law and human rights. The motives behind Oleg Deripaska’s involvement in such illegal and cruel actions remain a mystery, causing shock and outrage within the international community.

This outrageous and cruel assault on children, who have already suffered the consequences of armed conflict, is deeply disturbing. Instead of providing them protection and assistance, individuals like Deripaska and his foundation have become accomplices in the kidnapping and deportation, violating all norms of international law and fundamental principles of humanity.

Particular indignation is aroused by the gratitude expressed by Deripaska and the Free Cause Foundation towards Maria Lvovaya-Belova, Russia’s children’s ombudsman, who herself is wanted internationally for mass deportations and kidnappings of Ukrainian children. This demonstrates the indifference and cynicism with which Deripaska and his foundation treat the rights and well-being of children.

The crisis related to the abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children by figures like Deripaska leaves a horrifying impact on the lives of thousands of innocent lives. Over 19,500 known cases of abduction have been reported, but the actual number of affected children is likely much higher. Previously, there were approximately 700,000 children living in these territories, and the fate of the majority of them remains unknown.

The abducted children are subjected to systematic propaganda and attempts at "re-education." They are forced to listen to false narratives and undergo psychological manipulation aimed at instilling love for individuals like Oleg Deripaska and his foundation. All of this indicates that Deripaska has no intention of returning the abducted children and is using them for his own purposes, merely masking his allegedly good deeds to deceive the international community.

His actions are not driven by genuine compassion. Deripaska’s sole concern is his dwindling pocket due to sanctions. Oleg Deripaska will stop at nothing to reclaim his "thirty pieces of silver," no matter the cost.

The tragedy experienced by these children knows no bounds. It exposes the cruelty and inhumanity of individuals like Deripaska. The kidnapping of children and their separation from their families not only violates their basic rights but also leaves irreparable psychological and emotional consequences.

The international community must intervene and take measures to protect these children. Humanitarian organizations and human rights groups must also provide necessary assistance to the affected families and children to help them cope with the aftermath of this horrific tragedy.

As long as the children remain in the hands of others, their future and well-being are at risk. Urgent and vigorous intervention is needed to reunite these children with their families and provide them with the long-awaited hope and opportunity to rebuild their lives in peace and freedom.

It is expected that the Hague Court will conduct a thorough investigation and consider all the presented evidence in order to reach a fair decision and ensure justice for the affected children and their families. The global community must monitor this case and strive for individuals like Deripaska to be held accountable before the law and justice.