Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…

Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…

Behind the new facade of the Rescue Service is the rot of corruption and nepotism, Argument writes.

Sergey Kruk was appointed acting. Heads of the State Emergency Service in November 2021. Numerous publications in the media about the millionth real estate in Rivne, registered to Kruk’s mother, wife and mother-in-law, did not upset him. And he advised journalists to ask their mother-in-law where she got millions of dollars in estates from.

Sergey Kruk

Crook was appointed head of the State Emergency Service three months later, just before the war, on February 16.

Immediately after February 24, Kruk hid in Lviv and stayed there until mid-April, when the threat of an invasion of the capital was over.

Sergey Kruk. Corruption in the State Emergency Service

Sergey Kruk feels very confident, openly engaging in corrupt transactions. Confident, because it has a powerful “roof” in the President’s Office.

The “food chain” leading to the OP looks like this: Kruk – Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Yenin – Deputy Chairman of the OP Oleg Tatarov – Head of the OP Andrey Yermak .

It was the powerful “roof” in the form of Yermak that untied Kruk’s hands and made him untouched, despite the scandal that caused the SBU to report an extensive criminal organization in the State Emergency Service system.

Alexander Chekrigin, Max Gritsaenko

On the left is Alexander Chekrigin, Head of the Emergency Prevention Department. It was he who was recently searched by the SBU. To his right is First Deputy Maxim Gritsaenko, he is the main suspect in the investigation of the SBU, it is on him that the entire corruption chain, which the Security Service is currently investigating, is “sharpened” Rivne region.

For example, on November 17, according to the results of the tender, the third state fire and rescue squad of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in the Rivne region ordered an industrial washer and dryer for overalls for UAH 1.27 million. This is reported in the Prozorro system.

The only competitor offered the same kit one and a half times cheaper – for UAH 856,000. The customer decided that this was an “abnormally low price.” In response, the company indicated that five other units of the State Emergency Service ordered it the same kits without installation for UAH 556,000–590,000. And she explained that her proposed price of UAH 856,000 is not only not abnormally low, but even higher than the previous auctions (transaction details).

Or, in the same place, in the Rivne region, a training tower for training personnel of fire and rescue units was ordered for 2.8 million hryvnias, although the metropolitan department of the State Emergency Service ordered the same tower for 1.5 million. Maybe it was precisely because of the unwillingness to join these corrupt deals were paid for by the head of the Kyiv central office with his position, which will be discussed below. So, in Rovno, this tower was ordered for almost twice the price. The construction company that ordered the tower for the Rivne rescuers – Lifebud Construction Campaign LLC – belongs to Vitaliy Koval, chairman of the Regional State Administration and the second Kruk.

Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…

And in November A special aviation detachment of the operational and rescue service of the State Emergency Service ordered a helicopter inspection from Airbus Helicopter for UAH 62 million without using the open tender system. This became known from the report on the concluded contract in the ProZorro system.


Crook began the “reformation” of the Service with a designer repair of the wing in which his office is located, the office of his right hand and a classmate, First Deputy Chairman of the State Emergency Service Maxim Gritsaenko. But the offices of Crook’s numerous assistants and consultants, whom he transferred from Kyiv to Rivne. “Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…” width=”600″ height=”400″ alt=”Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…” />

Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…

To make a striking difference The “gentry” wing of the building was not nervous of the “commonwealth” Services, they introduced a pass system, and then installed ultra-modern equipment that reads the retina of the eye.

To demonstrate the difference, we show a photo of the “ladies” toilet for serfs:

Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…

In the wing where Crook and his entourage are located, there is a fountain (unfortunately, we were not able to photograph it). And in a specially equipped room there are coffee machines, cookies, sweets and fruits in unlimited quantities. So the authorities arranged for themselves comfortable working conditions.

It is not known at what cost the repairs are carried out. The budget of the State Emergency Service does not provide money for it. However, in connection with the information of the SBU about the monthly “kickbacks” of ten million hryvnias that the rescuers charged from local entrepreneurs, it becomes clear where the money comes from.

Sergey Kruk. Personnel “cleansing” in the Service

Kruk began to arrange “his” people from the capital’s headquarters. He fired Andrey Vatolin, who, unlike Kruk himself, went to all arrivals in the capital.

The staff of the capital administration even sent a letter to the OP with a request to investigate and protect their leader, who is respected and respected among his subordinates. There was no predictable reaction to this letter – we believe that Zelensky did not see this letter in his eyes, the “roof” in the form of the Tatarov-Yermak tandem knows its business…

Here is the full text of the letter to the staff of the State Emergency Service in Kyiv addressed to the President (spelling preserved):

To the President of Ukraine

Team of the Main Directorate

State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv

Collective appeal

Dear Mr. President!</p

The staff of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv is contacting you. The situation that has developed in the capital’s garrison today requires your intervention and help. It became known to us that our leader Vatolin A.G. forced to resign from the position of the head of their own free will or move to another position in one of the Departments of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. This information made us turn to you!

Vatolin A.G. has headed the capital’s garrison since 2015 and during this time has worked to improve the material and technical base, combat clothing and equipment of rescuers, increase the combat readiness and combat capability of the rescue units of the capital. The vehicle fleet of fire and rescue units has been completely updated, fire and rescue equipment is constantly being updated and improved. The divisions of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv have always promptly and smoothly eliminated and continue to eliminate fires, emergencies, and during the war, the consequences of Russian aggression. Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the territory of our country, our leader has remained in Kyiv, traveled and travels to all fires and emergencies associated with enemy shelling (photos and videos in the media testify to this). Despite the high rank of major general, he, side by side, together with the soldiers, eliminated the consequences of Russian aggression, sorted out the rubble, evacuated and saved people.

We do not know the circumstances for which reasons the leadership of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (by the way, during the shelling in Kyiv until mid-April were absent from the capital and were in quieter places in our country) makes our leader resign from his post, but we are sure. that this is a completely wrong decision, especially during such a tense and difficult situation in the State. We know for sure that our leader wants and can continue to work in this post, help the residents of the capital and not only. Dismissal of Vatolin A.G. from a position can undermine the morale and fighting spirit of the rescuers, the combat capability and combat readiness of the capital’s garrison. It is impossible during the war to dismiss a person who is the first to go to shelling, make important decisions to save people, and most importantly, lead the personnel of our joint Victory.

During the war Vatolin A.G. eliminated the consequences of Russian aggression not only in Kyiv. As part of the combined detachments under his leadership, they dismantled the rubble in Borodyanka, Gostomel, Kyiv region, the military unit of Desna, in the de-occupied Izyum, Kharkov region. We are all looking forward to the next victories of our Armed Forces of Ukraine and are ready to go, led by our leader, to any sacked city or town where our help will be needed for the inhabitants of our country!

Now acting S.F. Krivoshlikov, who is a classmate of the chairman and first deputy of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, was appointed head of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv. So, it is quite clear that the leadership of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine began to place “their” people in their places. So you do not need to have a higher education to understand why this is being done. But the question is whether the new leader, not knowing the specifics of the city, not knowing the personnel, not enjoying the respect and trust of the personnel of the capital’s garrison, will worry about improving the conditions of rescuers, increasing the combat capability and combat readiness of the capital’s units, and most importantly, to lead. personnel?

Mr. President! The whole country is looking at Kyiv, Kyiv is a model for everyone. So the capital’s garrison has always been and still remains a model for all fire and rescue units of Ukraine! But a lot also depends on the leader! From the beginning of the war and now, the entire Ukrainian people have been looking at you and your actions, and when we are confident in our president, we are confident in a common victory! In the same way, we, the rescuers, look at our leader and his actions! We believe him and believe in our common Victory! We ask you not to take away our faith, but to go with you to our common Victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

P.S. Unfortunately, they are forced to apply anonymously, since further pressure and bias on the personnel from the new leader is possible.

Nevertheless, Vatolin was fired, and Sergei Krivoshlikov, mentioned in the letter, was appointed in his place (friend Kruk and Gritsaenko), First Deputy Head – Anatoly Musievich (this is the “watcher” from E. Enin).

Humanitarian assistance

Elena Bykova, head of the European Integration and International Cooperation Department, was among the first heads of departments to be fired. The head has not yet been appointed to the Department, acting. – Deputy Bykova Nazar Boryshkevich. Some believe that this is done so that no one has the desire to focus on the flows of aid from the West, which, with the outbreak of a large-scale war, flow into the State Emergency Service in an endless river. And about. in an effort to finally become a full-fledged leader, he will do everything that the leadership requires of him…

The head of the Logistics and Logistics Department was also promptly replaced. Now it is headed by Konstantin Ivlev, the “man” of the first deputy Gritsaenko.

Information about the receipt of humanitarian aid in the State Emergency Service is classified. Information about its distribution is also classified. Although there is no point in this – except for the desire to hide corrupt deals with her – there is no.

For you to understand what gigantic amounts of valuable property we are talking about, we will give only a few facts.

To coordinate, store and distribute humanitarian aid from foreign partners, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, together with the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union, created four logistics hubs in mm. Rzeszów and Nisko (Republic of Poland), Kosice (Slovak Republic) and Suceava (Romania).

Here are the theses from the speech of one of the deputies of the head of the State Emergency Service as of the beginning of summer: “.. By now time through logistics hubs already received:

— 605 fire and rescue and special vehicles;

— 41,000 tons of other humanitarian aid, namely: ATVs, drones, generators, motor pumps, pumps, floating pumps, lighting devices, foam generators, thermal imagers, chainsaws, 54 gasoline engines, special shoes and other equipment.”

Here is the data on assistance only in the spring from the Baltic countries and Poland (the first three or four months of the war):

Humanitarian aid was received from the Republic of Estonia for the units of the State Emergency Service in the form of:

  • modular sanitary container
  • 19 POLARIS Sportsman SUVs
  • 1 Kamaz trucks
  • 7 ambulances
  • 7 fire trucks
  • 1 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
  • 3 Nissan Navara
  • 4 JCB backhoe loaders
  • 2 thermal imaging drones
  • 2 Samsung Galaxy tablets
  • 27 chainsaws
  • 15 fire axes
  • 4 manual Weber tools
  • 430 Fenix ​​lights
  • 40 petrol generators
  • Amkus hydraulic rescue kit
  • Lukas hydraulic rescue kit
  • 2.4 kW electric generator with cables
  • personal protective equipment, protective clothing and other property

Humanitarian aid was received from the Republic of Lithuania for the units of the State Emergency Service in the form of:

  • 5 vehicles of special fire fighting equipment
  • Citroen C4 Picasso car
  • Voklswagen 70X1D
  • 8 Tyt radios
  • 3 Milwaukee power tool kits
  • 2 Husgvarna chainsaws
  • 1 Husgvarna disc cutter
  • chemical protection suits, first aid kits, firefighter helmets, protective clothing and other equipment.

The following humanitarian aid was received from the State Fire and Rescue Service of the Republic of Latvia for the units of the State Emergency Service in the form of:

  • 628 pairs of firefighter boots,
  • 430 pairs of firefighter gloves,
  • 132 firefighter helmets,
  • 241 firefighter belts,
  • 50 balaclavas,
  • 13 sets of special protective clothing for the fire department,
  • 1055 dosimeters,
  • 504 antiseptics,
  • 69 sleeping bags and other equipment.

Republic of Poland:

  • 311 units of special fire fighting equipment
  • 2 rescue boats on ice
  • 16,845 units of general purpose fire extinguishing powder
  • over 69 tons of foam concentrate
  • 13 drones
  • 802 generators
  • 300 motor pumps
  • 773 pumps
  • 143 floating pumps
  • over 1,500 lighting fixtures
  • 48 foam generators
  • 72 thermal imagers
  • 205 chainsaws
  • 54 chainsaws
  • 27 bulletproof vests
  • 16 MOTOROLA radios
  • 13 loudspeakers
  • 12 resuscitation kits
  • 46 sets of hydraulic rescue tools
  • more than 22,500 pairs of special shoes
  • more than 31,500 fire and suction hoses
  • more than 1 thousand fire nozzles
  • more than 457 breathing apparatus
  • more than 26 thousand 700 sets of protective clothing for firefighters
  • more than 5 thousand 400 sets of chemical protection
  • li>
  • over 2,000 protective masks
  • over 36,000 helmets
  • over 550 tents
  • about 4,000 blankets
  • food, bottled water, hygiene products, medical supplies, medicines and other material assets.

Here is an excerpt from the official report of the State Emergency Service for July (on assistance from Germany):

“Today in Kyiv, the Federal Minister of the Interior and Integrated Territorial Development of the Federal Republic of Germany Nancy Feser and the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Hubertus Gail handed over two tractors and thirteen electric generators for the needs of the State Emergency Service.

“Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, for the needs of our service, Germany has transferred material assistance totaling more than 500 million hryvnias,” stressed the Chairman of the State Emergency Service…»

France (first convoy arrived with help on March 28):

Ukraine received rescue vehicles and equipment from the French Republic: 11 fire engines, 16 ambulances and 23 trucks with 49 tons of medical and rescue equipment.

On April 19, the second convoy of fire and rescue equipment in the amount of 24 vehicles and 50 tons of equipment arrived at the Romanian border with Ukraine as part of France’s humanitarian aid.

“We drove 2,500 kilometers from Paris through five countries and today delivered to humanitarian hub in Suceava fire, rescue equipment for Ukrainian colleagues… We admire the courage of the Ukrainian firefighters in this situation and hope that the help in the form of vehicles and equipment will help them in their work,” said Head of Mission Didier Talbot.

30.06. Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine received six fire and rescue vehicles and seven ambulances from the Government of the French Republic. The transfer of equipment took place in the 25th fire and rescue station of Kyiv with the participation of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of France Katherine Colonna, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins, the head of the State Emergency Service Sergey Kruk.

Where exactly is all this civilian equipment involved – why is it a state secret.

UAH 2 million was collected at the ultramarathon, which was run by a rescuer from Kyiv to Poland in August. Where they went and where they went, no one even knows in the apparatus of the Service.

Before that, Polish rescuers held a bicycle marathon across Poland, and it is known that several trucks of humanitarian aid, money, fire fighting equipment and equipment were collected – but There was no official report of the State Emergency Service on all this, only general information:


In a word, the real amount of aid, as well as information about where and how this aid was sent, is a state secret in the State Emergency Service. This information is secreted from the public on purpose – after all, when it is not known exactly what and in what quantity was transferred to Ukraine, it is impossible to check whether the very scarce humanitarian aid has moved to free sale.

Enormous assistance is being provided to the West for demining. Demining specialists from all over the world come to Ukraine every day. Unique hardware provided:

Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…

But there is zero information, in the State Emergency Service they are limited to such general videos.</p

Press Secretary

27-year-old Zhanna Shalovinskaya has become Kruk’s press secretary.

Maxim Gritsaenko brought Zhanna from Nikolaev to the capital (before that, he headed the department of the State Emergency Service of the Nikolaev region). An interesting detail is that Zhanna Gritsaenko brought and settled in the capital before his own woman. When Mrs. Gritsaenko found out about this, she made a terrible scandal for Maxim Georgievich. Obviously, this forced the first deputy chairman of the State Emergency Service to “give” Zhanna Kruk.

The entire State Emergency Service knows that Zhanna performs not only the functions of a press secretary. The girl has no journalistic experience. There is also no information about previous places of work in the specialty. However, Zhanna manages Kruk’s Instagram and Facebook, and her official duties are limited to this. Zhanna does not maintain her personal FB and even removed her avatar:

However, she has already managed to be certified and become a lieutenant.

Zhanna’s videos are quite eloquent:

In order to approve Zhanna in the position, the entire press service was reformed, the head of the Department for Interaction with the Media of the State Emergency Service, Olga Kozak, who had been the press secretary of the State Emergency Service since 2014, was dismissed.

In the photo, Zhanna is on the far right

The head of the State Emergency Service constantly makes “visits” to the regional departments, in which he certainly takes Zhanna. They especially love the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service – there are mountains, romance, the possibility of solitude for at least a day or two… class=”wpg_image” title=”Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…” width=”600″ height=”397″ alt=”Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…” />

Sergey Kruk, facade, state secret, Zhanna…

On the photo: Minister of Emergency Situations Kruk loves to give foreign philanthropists a toy dog ​​Patron</p

And in the photo below – the repair of the facade of the building of the State Emergency Service. In our opinion, this photo is symbolic, because behind the restored facade is the clay of corruption, theft and nepotism, corroding the Service from the inside: png” class=”wpg_image” width=”600″ height=”428″ />

Egor Karnaukhov, translation