Romance with Deputy Prime Minister: Abramovich bought Manturov’s mansion near Moscow

Oligarch Roman Abramovich always (and recently, especially actively) denied his closeness to the Russian authorities. But recently, the billionaire first literally became close to one of its representatives, and then completely ended up under his roof.

There is money in Quiet Bay

That the richest member of the Russian government Denis Manturov does not like to flaunt his millions, preferring to hide somewhere in the hole, “Interlocutor” first wrote six years ago, when he was still not a status deputy prime minister, but the most ordinary minister of industry and trade. Even then, we found out that the official’s country estate, worth some one and a half billion rubles, is located on the shore of the Quiet Bay of the Klyazma Reservoir – in the Pirogovo 9-hole golf club.

In addition to the golf course, there is also a yacht club, tennis courts, a football field and a hockey arena, a stable … And, of course, houses for wealthy gentlemen so that they do not have to travel far here.

And it turned out that Manturov lost that estate of his. 1.1 hectares of land, two guest houses (at 1224 and 496 m2), two outbuildings, a Japanese gazebo, a private pier – according to the documents of Rosreestr, Abramovich Roman Abramovich owns all this pleasure today. Owns since September 16 last year – the anniversary of the housewarming will soon be celebrated.

Abramovich’s new estate – bottom left

“Dirty” Neighborhood

At the same time, it turns out that Abramovich became Denis Manturov’s neighbor at Pirogovo even earlier, in September 2020.

The fact is that, like a normal Russian official, Manturov, on the shore of the Quiet Bay, in addition to his own small estate, found another, larger one (and the plot is twice as large, and the mansion is almost four), decorated, as usual, on relatives. At first, the estate was registered in the name of Manutrov’s father, and after the death of the pensioner, it passed to the mother of the Deputy Prime Minister. According to the Sobesednik estimates, the cost of this family estate, built by Italian craftsmen from the Pagano company, is already about 5 billion rubles.

So, right between these two estates of the Manturovs, a billionaire decided to wedge himself a few years ago Alexandra Mamut, but for some reason he suddenly changed his mind (perhaps, initially it was only a face value there). Two years ago, Mamut suddenly lost the brand new villa he had built in Pirogovo to his old friend, Abramovich. Since then, Roman Abramovich has been a neighbor of the Manturovs.

This is how Pirogovo was cut a couple of years ago This is how Pirogovo was cut a couple of years ago

Swimming trunks dropped

It was in the old Soviet times that metallurgists proudly said: “Our strength is in swimming trunks.” Now the strength of the metallurgical giants lies in the connections of their owners. And if such people go to their influential neighbors, it is not at all for salt. Why ask for salt when you can ask for something sweeter.

Last year, for example, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov accused metal producers of trying to cash in on the Russians at a difficult time. So he said bluntly: “The state and the budget have been slammed in terms of state capital investments and the state defense order by about 100 billion rubles.” And he offered to return this money in the form of a tax increase. In this case, Abramovich’s Evraz, which managed to more than double its profits in a year on rising prices, would suffer serious financial losses.

Denis Manturov personally undertook to resolve the problems of his neighbor. The minister urgently gathered representatives of the industry and firmly and firmly demanded that they not increase the price specified in the contracts, at least for enterprises that fulfill the state defense order. And that’s it. “Issues of additional tax exemptions from the industry were not discussed during the meeting,” the press service of the ministry said in the text of the message. Here it is in a neighborly way.

Denis Manturov Denis Manturov

Palace on hold

If you see corruption in this (an oligarch, in order to lobby his interests, bought a house from an official at an incomprehensible price, maybe several times inflated, in order to disguise a bribe), then no. The trick is that Manturov conceded the estate in Pirogovo not directly to Abramovich, but to the son of his good friend from Oboronprom, Viktor Grigoriev, and he already transferred it to the oligarch. Everything seems to be going smoothly, though…

Another Manturov’s house from the same Italian company “Pagano” in the same golf club on Klyazma also belonged to Viktor Grigoriev himself. Moreover, Grigoriev owned nothing at all – two months. And initially this “pagan” mansion belonged to the family of the head of the presidential administration, Anton Vaino, and the Grigorievs had the same impression that it was “overexposure” in the same way in order to re-register the property for the right buyer.

Thanks to such mediation, the transfer of the right to own luxury real estate between the families of Vaino and the Manturovs, or Manutrov and Abramovich, does not look openly corrupt. What happens in Silent Bay should happen in silence.

Arbamovich and Manutrov became related

In addition to Abramovich, Manturov and Vaino, several lesser-known, but also non-poor characters settled in Pirogovo. By and large, this is not just a resort or a banal cottage village, as on Rublyovka, but a private club. Or rather, as it was previously stated on his website, “a club for wealthy lovers of an active lifestyle. If a person begins to feel the need to travel to Pirogovo, then sooner or later he stays here to live ”(today this information has been removed from the site for some reason).

The best architects not only in Russia (Alexander Brodsky, Vladimir Plotkin, Yuri Avvakumov), but also in the world (Gary Chang from Hong Kong, Eric Van Egeraat – the Netherlands) puzzled over the projects of the club’s residential buildings.

“Our residents,” the club assures, “are like one family. Often everyone gathers together in the club house, where we have the Domino restaurant, they organize various events …

So recently, oligarch Roman Abramovich and Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, under whose roof the billionaire lives today, are now one “family”. You could say they were born. Here is such a “Pirogovo”!

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that on August 1, at a meeting on the development of the metallurgical complex, Denis Manturov said: “At the current ruble exchange rate, external supplies are unprofitable, and somewhere completely uneconomical.” This means that inflation in Russia, along with prices, must go up so that the Deputy Prime Minister’s neighbor Roman Abramovich and his colleagues in the industry can earn more.

Number Denis Manturov officially earned 705 million rubles last year. It turns out that he grew rich at a rate of almost 60 million rubles a month. Or about 2 million rubles a day. With some neighbors…

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