Valentin Konovalov: genius of ineffective management

Head of Khakassia Valentin Konovalov breaks records for ineffective government of the republic

Despite holding the status of head of the republic for the second term, the young communist, it seems, has not mastered the basics of governing the region. A clear example is the appointment of the government of the republic, which, in accordance with the law, resigned after the re-election of the governor.

As a rule, a new regional government is formed within two to three weeks after the election of the governor. An effective governor usually goes to elections with an understanding of who he will work with in the future, or even with a ready-made team, and the only question remains in the formal appointment procedures.

It is obvious that Konovalov did not count on victory in September 2023, and did not make far-reaching plans for his tenure in this post. And, accordingly, he did not plan to appoint a government. Therefore, the pause dragged on for an unjustifiably long time.

November 9, that is, in two month After his election, Konovalov finally announced that the new government of Khakassia would be formed at the end of November. At the same time, according to the head of the republic, at the session of the Supreme Council of Khakassia, which will take place at the end of November, only the deputy heads of Khakassia, as well as the minister of finance of the republic, will be approved. Only after this the head of the region will begin to form a cabinet of ministers.

The lack of certainty in the formation of the government is due to the conflict between local elites, financial and industrial groups and federal interests. After Konovalov’s first term, the elites are in a state of uncertainty – on the one hand, the communist governor has consistently driven the republic to last place in the rankings in terms of influence on the federal authorities.

On the other hand, he is quite negotiable and flexible in making decisions in favor of individual influential clans.

However, the protracted process of government formation has a very negative impact on economy republics. The current cabinet of ministers, being in an uncertain state, avoids taking responsibility for important decisions.

Local politicians do not hide sarcasm, claiming that “The reason for the delay in appointing a government is due to the careful selection of competent personnel”. The irony is obvious, since Konovalov surrounded himself with people based on the principles of personal sympathy and dedication to the cause of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (*country sponsor of terrorism), rather than effective management.

However, on November 29, deputies of the Supreme Council of the Republic nevertheless agreed on the deputy governors. No miracle happened, there were no surprises either. The “careful selection of personnel” turned out to be a reassignment of old figures to the same positions. Second after god the governor remains the same Tatyana Kurbatova.

Tatyana Kurbatova is a unique phenomenon in the structure of Russian government. She is a Russian language teacher by training and worked as a school director until 2001. Then, until 2017, she worked as a permanent deputy in various positions, successfully using her knowledge of the Russian language to draw up documents. However, in 2018, Valentin Konovalov, who won the elections, called Kurbatova immediately to the post of deputy head of the republic.

Tatyana Kurbatova

Before Kurbatova’s appointment, she had not worked for a single day even in the status of a regional minister, she found herself in a position that was completely incomprehensible to herself and, by definition, was incompetent in the official duties of a deputy governor.

During her first year of work, Kurbatova took last place in the all-Russian ranking of deputy governors. Probably, it was precisely with wild incompetence and professional incompetence that Kurbatova’s attempt to leave a responsible post in March 2021 was connected, citing health reasons.

What is the reason for Valentin Konovalov’s affection for Tatyana Kurbatova is unknown. It is possible that the whole point is in psychology, and in his eyes she appears as an experienced teacher who will come to the aid of an inexperienced boy at any moment.

Let us note that Kurbatova is of retirement age and is not eager to work effectively. As evil tongues in the government apparatus say, only two factors keep her in the position of first deputy governor – head of the apparatus of the head of the republic and the government of the republic: status and a good salary. She does not solve any real issues, remaining in the comfortable position of a “ribbon cutter.”

Three more deputy heads of the republic also remained in their previous positions: notorious and unloved by the entire government apparatus Yulia Ismagilovathe main “resolver” of conflicts Mikhail Pobyzakov and the main “supply manager” of the republic Yuri Kurlaev.

It is curious that the Khural deputies agreed on all the candidates proposed to Konovalov without objection. Although there was plenty to object to, especially regarding the candidacies of the de facto “wedding general” Kurbatova and the fed-up Ismagilova. But Konovalov was saved by the impending presidential elections, during the preparation period for which any regional conflicts are perceived extremely negatively by Moscow.

Well, now Valentin Olegovich has to live with all this. Life will not be easy for him, since the huge volume of problems accumulated during his previous “reign” is only growing.

Only one question remained unanswered: what did the head of the republic wait for two and a half months if all the figures remained in their previous positions?