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As our interlocutors said, in 2013-14. FSUE "GVSU No. 14" (formerly FSUE "Spetsstroyengineering at Spetsstroy of Russia") signed government contracts with OJSC "Trust Moselektrotyagstroy" in the amount of more than 65 billion rubles for objects of the Airborne Forces of the Moscow region. Including work on the construction and reconstruction of facilities of the Ryazan Guards Higher Airborne Command Order of Suvorov twice Red Banner School named after General of the Army V.F. Margelova (hereinafter referred to as the School), funds in the amount of about 11 billion rubles were transferred as advances.

According to the results of the inspection of the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office on the collective appeal of representatives of LLC SK Teploresurs, RemStroyFasad, PROMFARM (the debt for the work performed only to our organizations is about 200 million rubles), facts of theft by the management of Trest METS OJSC were revealed funds of the state defense order allocated for the construction of buildings and structures of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named after General of the Army V.F. Margelova

On this fact, the Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for ZAO GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow initiated a criminal case under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Recently, this case was transferred to the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Similar violations were revealed during the construction work carried out by Trest METS OJSC at the facilities located in the Ivanovo, Pskov, Smolensk regions and the Trans-Baikal Territory. The materials of the checks on these facts were also sent to the Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the CJSC Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, in order to initiate criminal cases and bring the perpetrators to criminal responsibility.

As the source of Rucriminal.info notes, currently, the investigation is not actually being conducted on the initiated criminal case, investigative actions are not being carried out, and the main persons involved in the case continue their activities, only in other organizations, here are only a small part of the facts that have become known to us, including number from open sources and which the investigation does not notice or does not want to notice.

For the period 2013-2016. a fraudulent scheme was organized to embezzle budget funds and funds from contractors. Only the amount of claims of FSUE "GVSU No. 14" (formerly FSUE "Spetsstroyengineering under Spetsstroy of Russia") against OJSC "Trest METS" is 15,287,113,968.97 rubles !!!

From 2013 to 2016, Anton Viktorovich Abdurakhmanov was the CEO of Trest METS OJSC.

Currently Anton Abdurakhmanov is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC "Bamstroyput"

Антон Абдурахманов

Bamstroyput OJSC is the general contractor for the construction of the Era technopolis in Anapa, the Patriot military-patriotic park: the company has erected a park congress center in Kubinka, is building a shooting club and a shop for the Kalashnikov concern, the Almaz-Anteya exhibition pavilion and demo centers for the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the Tactical Missiles Corporation.

There is a possibility that the persons responsible for embezzlement of budgetary funds in OJSC "Trest Moselectrotyagstroy" have now organized the same scheme in OJSC "Bamstroyput", which is the largest General Contractor at construction sites carried out with the involvement of state funds.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued

Article source: “https://rucriminal.info/en/material/beskonechnaya-istoriya-xishheniy”

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